VR Use Cases

VR solution for marketing and merchandising

Thanks to our VR solution, our client, one of the largest coffee manufacturers, has updated their product presentation standards using the data gathered in VR research. The use of VR technology has significantly reduced the cost of research. The client now has a flexible tool for conducting cost-efficient surveys and research on a regular basis.

VR simulator for staff training and evaluation

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works is using VR as supplemental training. Trainees walk around a virtual factory floor and learn to identify and prevent work safety violations.


VR simulator for assembling and troubleshooting a rotary pump

Varwin has created a VR simulator for a large chemical products manufacturer. It allows personnel to train assembling and disassembling a rotary pump. Since the simulator is built on Varwin XRMS, it is fully configurable by the client.

VR quest for job fairs

The client is a large telecommunications company in search of a solution for attracting young audiences at job fairs through game mechanics within an interactive VR quest. Main results – increased brand loyalty and lead generation at the company’s booth.

VR simulator for equipment repairs, training and demos

The Teplocom company gets to present its products at trade shows without having to spend resources on logistics for real equipment. 3D and VR simulators are used for training dealership staff. The project is built on Varwin XRMS, meaning Teplocom employees can update the training scenario with new equipment, modify its placement and interaction mechanics.

VR reenactment of the Battle for the Reichstag

This project was commissioned by a museum: a unique reenactment of historical events in virtual reality, where the player can raise the Victory Banner on the Reichstag building with their own hands.

VR forklift driver simulator

Forklift driver training program. Compatible with a steering wheel and pedals.

VR simulator at the Museum of the World Ocean

VR simulator of a MIR deep-sea submersible at the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad, Russia.


Series of VR simulators for staff training

The client is a leading oil and gas company in search of a VR training program for well cluster emergency drills. As part of the training program developed by Varwin, the trainees operate in virtual reality while the program tracks their performance score. Thanks to VR, emergency drills can be performed from anywhere in the world. This allows to not only speed up the training process, but also reduce logistics expenses and prevent occupational hazards.

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