VR for hiring

Save the world with MTS. The company’s hunting for young talent at job fairs.

HR objective: introduce job fair visitors to the company and spark their interest to work at MTS. Target audience – young people, school students, college students.

Project goals and objectives

The goal for Varwin was to create a VR project for use at job fairs. The goal of the project was to draw attention to the company’s booth, help it stand out from the competition, be a memorable experience for visitors as well as automate collection of data from potential employees.


  • A virtual reality escape room quest.

    Every room has a task or a puzzle to solve that is in one way or another linked to some innovation division of MTS. The project takes place in a future world terrorized by digital copies, and the main goal for the player is to save the world with MTS. The professional team at Varwin wrote and developed the script and game mechanics.


MTS acquired its own virtual environment for communicating with its audience.

  • Thanks to various game mechanics and an interactive script, the goal of introducing job fair visitors to MTS innovations, creating a memorable impression, is successfully achieved.
  • The VR quest game communicates that MTS isn’t just about SIM cards and mobile plans, it has an artificial intelligence division, data processing center, and its own streaming platform.
  • The primary result for the client was the increase in lead generation at the MTS booth as well as stronger brand loyalty among young people.

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