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TOP VR cases

Training technical personnel at URALCHEM
VR for training personnel in the delicate and complicated process of repairing a centrifugal pump

3D & VR simulators for the Teplocom production and engineering company
Teplocom personnel can now simply and easily present and demonstrate their products at exhibitions and dealer meetings with the help of Varwin
VR simulator for fork and reach truck safety training at FM Logistics
Varwin created a virtual reality simulator that can be connected to additional controllers, a steering wheel, and foot pedals for a realistic and immersive training experience.
VR solution for merchandising and trade marketing
Varwin Retail VR Lab is a VR solution for merchandising and trade marketing that allows for scalable market research in VR that require zero programming skills
VR quest for job fairs
The client is a large telecommunications company in search of a solution for attracting young audiences at job fairs through game mechanics within an interactive VR quest. Main results – increased brand loyalty and lead generation at the company’s booth.
VR simulator of a MIR deep-sea submersible
The client wanted museum visitors to have access to the interior of the submersible, show how deep it could go, and draw attention to the museum’s exposition. Virtual reality helped achieve all of the above.
VR reconstruction of the Battle of Reichstag
This project was commissioned by a museum: a unique reenactment of historical events in virtual reality, where the player can raise the Victory Banner on the Reichstag building with their own hands.

Order a pre-project study

  • Pre-project study duration — 2 weeks
  • Analysis of individual VR questions
  • Result — 4 project documents: terms of reference, scenario, road map, risk register
  • Discount cost of pre-project study 2 000 USD 2 500 USD